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Welcome to the page dedicated to Pyrrole disorder. Here you can link onto various articles to help you to understand more about pyrrole disorder.

  1. Pyroluria is not for life and it can be treated and eliminated
  2. New Pyrrole Research
  3. Pyrrole disorder explained
  4. Testing for pyroluria/HPL
  5. Other tests helpful with pyrrole such as copper, zinc, Caeruloplasmin
  6. Understanding disorders of under and over methylation common with pyrrole
  7. B6 and zinc rich foods and diet good for supporting pyrrole
  8. Side effects warning with SSRI’s and pyrrole methylation imbalances
  9. Here’s a very interesting video on the dangers of folic acid and understanding MTHFR 
  10. Testing for Neurotransmitters, Histamine, MTHFR, Amino Acids
  11. Other useful tests for Gut, Immune, detox support with pyrrole
  12. Causes of Anxiety
  13. More pathology tests to help underlying conditions
  14. Breaking news: The ‘normal’ HPL (pyrrole) reference range is now higher
  15. Links to info on Dr. Walsh podcasts with ‘Corebrain Journal’ Dr. Parker on methylation, pyrrole, copper and ‘End of Autism’.

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