Health Topics Articles
These articles from Sue provide informed perspectives about diverse health topics, which may broaden your knowledge, and help you make the right choices for your health.
Therapeutic Diets Articles
Foods either harm or heal, there is no middle ground, particularly with diets for specific health conditions and the prevention of illness and disease. Discover more in these articles.
Eating, Food & Fun Articles
Insightful articles from Sue relating to various aspects about healthy eating, shopping, food and diet, interspersed with light-heartedness and fun.
Vitality & Self-Care Articles
Vitality cannot exist without self-care. They are interdependent. Within these articles, naturopath Sue Kira provides insights and approaches to help you to regain and maintain your vitality.
Pyrrole Articles
Sue started treating clients with pyrrole in 2000 and developed her expertise from seeing hundreds of pyrrole clients, along with extensive research and by collaborating with a scientist involved in pyroluria.
Case Studies Articles
Sue shares over 100 case studies from a cross section of her clients (who remain unidentified). These are a remarkable testament to the healing power of diet and lifestyle changes.