Sue Kira is an exceptional naturopath, clinical nutritionist and MINDD practitioner based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


Consulting with more than 20,000 clients over 30 years Sue has achieved remarkable results, particularly for clients with complex health conditions.


Sue’s in-depth consultations, knowledge, intuition and clinical tests, along with her previous scientific background, can unravel the underlying causes of your health issues, and from there, prepare a plan for you to reclaim your vitality.

Sue is available for consultations in-clinic, via TeleHealth video, phone, Facebook Messenger and even email. The purpose is to investigate and uncover the underlying causes of your health issues, and from there, prepare a plan for you to reclaim your vitality.
In Clinic Tests include Live Blood Screening, Urinalysis, Sclerology and Iridology. External lab tests include tests for allergies, DNA, mould, Pyrrole, Heavy Metal, MTHFR, G.I. Mapping, Gut microbiome, Leaky Gut, Organic Acids, Hormones and Mental Health markers.
Client Questionnaire
This is the foundation document for new clients. It needs to be forwarded to Sue at least 24 hours before the appointment to give her enough time to evaluate your information. By receiving your details in advance, time is saved in the consultation.
Case studies
More than 100 actual Case Studies demonstrate how Sue works with clients to unravel the deep-seated causes of their health conditions. You’ll see how diet and self-care choices helped to produce amazing results for many who had been affected over many years by debilitating health issues which had not been resolved.
Since 2010, Sue has been helping clients with Pyrrole, a relatively ‘new’ condition. She has successfully used specific nutrient foods and supplementation to support certain genetic defects, which has made all the difference. Sue also set up the Pyrrole Australia Face Book page with more than 7,500 followers.
Therapeutic Recipes eBooks
If you read the Case Studies, you will see how Sue has successfully used specific diets to facilitate healing. To make life easier for you, we are currently publishing lots of therapeutic diets recipe eBooks over the next few months with heaps of yummy recipes for specific health conditions and nutrient deficiencies. Stand-by!
About Sue
Find out about Sue's background, her ‘aha!' moment, philosophy about health, how she works with clients and her love of healing. "While naturopathy is my profession, ‘vitality’ is my product. My objective is to help my clients heal and regain vitality as soon as possible."
Here are testimonials about Sue from numerous True Vitality clients, along with testimonials from former health retreat participants. And if that’s not enough, there's another 110 testimonials that were previously listed in the healthcare directory ‘Whitecoat’.
Therapeutic Diets Articles
Foods either harm or heal, there is no middle ground, particularly with diets for specific health conditions and the prevention of illness and disease. Discover more in these articles.
Health Topics Articles
These articles from Sue provide informed perspectives about diverse health topics, which may broaden your knowledge, and help you make the right choices for your health.
Vitality & Self-Care Articles
Vitality cannot exist without self-care. They are interdependent. Within these articles, naturopath Sue Kira provides insights and approaches to help you to regain and maintain your vitality.
Eating, Food & Fun Articles
Insightful articles from Sue relating to various aspects about healthy eating, shopping, food and diet, interspersed with light-heartedness and fun.

This website

This content rich website contains oodles of informative articles written by Sunshine Coast Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist Sue Kira about health conditions, case studies, dietary advice, vitality and specialised information regarding Pyrrole. We will soon add numerous therapeutic diet eBooks for specific health conditions and nutrient deficiencies.

Clinic address

24 Cicada Close,
Buderim, QLD 4556