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Sue Kira, an experienced naturopath based at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, is available for in-clinic consultations or via Skype, phone, Facebook Messenger and even email. 

The purpose of the consultation, whether in-clinic or via Skype, phone etc is to investigate and uncover the underlying causes of your health issues, and from there, prepare a plan for you to reclaim your vitality.

Extended 2 hour comprehensive in-clinic sessions include various tests while external tests can also be arranged. 


Sue spends considerable time prior to your consultation analysing your client history questionnaire and any prior pathology results. Afterwards, she reviews, emails scripts, and when needed, researches the optimum approach for your health.

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1 hr Initial Consultation – $175
Clinic, Skype/TeleHealth or phone consultation 

2 hr Initial Consultation + in-clinic testing – $275
An extensive in-clinic consultation for Sue to investigate and unravel underlying causes that may be affecting your health and vitality. Includes Live Blood Screening, Sclerology, Iridology and urine testing as time permits.

30 min Follow-up Consultation – $85
In Clinic, via Skype/Telehealth or Phone 

1 hr Follow up Consultation – $120
In Clinic, via Skype/TeleHealth or Phone 

90 min Follow up Extended Consultation – $175
In Clinic with repeat of in-clinic tests, or, extensive follow-up review. Also available for extended online consultations for review of test results.

15 min Mini Consultation for Acute Care – $45
Available for existing clients who may have an acute issue or questions which can be covered quickly. Online only

Special care pack (31 days) – $565
For those needing extra support. Includes up to 4 hrs of consultations, plus unlimited emails for the duration of one month. Email Sue to arrange 

Email consultations (Variable time) – $120 per hour (or pro rata)
For those without access to the clinic, or, would prefer not to communicate via Skype, or, with time zone difficulties. Charges are assessed by the time to read and respond to emails. Times accumulate until the session is completed or one hour reached. Email Sue to arrange

30 min Practitioner Mentoring– $85
Specialist confidential advice for difficult client cases or business support. Extended mentoring times/packages can be arranged Email Sue to organise


All bookings are Queensland timeIf you need a different time to those available, please email Sue.

Important: Complete your on-line client questionnaire at least 24 hours before your appointment 

Clinic Address: La Balsa building, 45 Brisbane Rd. Mooloolaba – Unit 106. The clinic is on the ground floor at rear of building, adjacent to the letterboxes and car park (with free parking for clients)

Please read: in-clinic hygiene procedures