Vaginitis and Cervicitis Case Study

by sue

Alkaline diet helps clear up Vaginitis and Cervicitis

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

When Monica first came to me she was suffering from recurring bouts of vaginitis and cervicitis (inflammation and infections of the vagina and cervix) nearly every month. We did many tests to see if there were any bacterial imbalances in her system and she didn’t really show anything worth considering as a contributing factor. She had already been checked for any abnormal cells and other factors by her doctor.

Looking at her diet, she ate lots of acid forming foods including grains, cheese, meats and sugar in tea and coffee. She also drank a glass of wine each night and more on the weekends.

I discussed with Monica the possibility that she had an acid to alkaline imbalance and how more alkaline foods and drinks in her diet could help to sort out the genital inflammations. She was open to give it a try.

For the next three months, Monica ate an alkaline diet of 80% plant based foods and the other 20% consisted of good fats and a small amount of animal/fish protein. No alcohol, coffee, tea (except herbal), grains, dairy, gluten or sugar was consumed during this time to allow her body to heal and balance. I asked her to come back after three months, unless she had another flare up in the meantime.

Three months later Monica returned and she had no inflammation or infections during this time. Her blood showed no inflammation markers and she looked vibrant, healthy and had more energy.

She wondered if she could go back to eating and drinking what she ate previously. I told her I wouldn’t endorse food and drinks that were not healthy for her, but if she chose to consume any, then to monitor how she felt in general and any effects on her genital area.

Monica emailed me a few months later telling me that she had allowed her old favourite foods and drinks to gradually sneak back in because she felt ok, but then began to suffer.

This time she knew what to do and was more committed to looking after her body, especially after her doctor told her that if she got repeated infections in the genital area, she was at an increased risk for reproductive cancers.

She was ‘sold’ and now sticks to a healthy mostly alkaline diet, with just the very occasional ‘sneaky’ treat.

For more information about foods that help support your body to be more alkaline, go to the Alkaline Diet 


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