Tired, pain under her left rib cage Case Study

by rod

Fungal infection cleared

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

Joanne, a grandmother, constantly felt tired, with a continual pain under her left rib. She’d been to doctors and specialists who couldn’t find anything wrong. She felt the problem may be related to her digestive system and heard I might be able to help.

After examining her abdominal area, I couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, but there was discomfort in the pancreas area, which is under the left rib. We talked about her digestion, with no clues about any problems with the pancreas. I told her that problems with the pancreas can relate to ‘life not being so sweet’ and questioned her about this.

She told me she had a sudden break-up from her partner 12 months previously and the fatigue started at that point, then the pain started later after she ‘got over him’. I suspected there were deeper issues.

We searched for further clues by looking at her blood and discovered she had a fungal infection. I discussed how fungus likes to grow in a body that is festering very old emotional wounds.

With a sigh she told me how she wasn’t loved or wanted as a child. I asked her how she knew this to be true and she said her mother told her that she never wanted her, but her mother’s religion didn’t allow abortions. Her mother resented and blamed all her children for destroying her life and freedom.

Our discussion revealed that Joanne’s challenge was self-love, which originated from the lack of love from both her parents. However, Joanne had three children and several grandchildren and she dedicated her life to loving them. But she gave little regard to herself as she felt unimportant.

She then recognised that she was ready for self-love and understood that the real reason she had visited me was to learn to help herself, and not others at her expense. This was a huge breakthrough for Joanne.

And as we discussed self-love, she felt the pain under her rib decreasing, which was her clue that she was starting to get on track. 

Joanne dedicated herself to the exercises in self-love that I gave her and within a few weeks she was glowing with energy and vitality which in turn benefitted her family.

Self-love is indeed a pillar for health, vitality, stress reduction and enjoyment of life.


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