The evolvement of cheese by Rod Harvey

by sue

The evolvement of cheese: a history lesson

by Rod Harvey CFT (Chief Food Taster)


Back in the ancient days in Mesopotamia, a farmer was milking his cow and the cow kicked him in the testicles. “Argh!!!” he screamed as his testicles inflated to the size of a wild sow’s udder.

A few days later when he could walk upright, the farmer discovered the milk left in the pail had gone stale. He showed Jimmy, his very deaf neighbour, and they tasted it. The farmer said, “Jesus that’s good.”

The farmer gave some of the curdled milk to Jimmy who took it home to his wife. “What’s this?” she said. “Cheeses that’s good,” he replied.

And a new product called cheese was created that grew into a massive money-making industry which successfully blocked up sinuses all around the world. And then a gigantic industry was launched that made much more money on products to suppress those blocked up sinuses.

And the moral to this story? A derivative of dairy known as cheese could have been called Jesus!

All from a kick in the gonads!

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