Skin Condition: Rash Case Study

by sue

Rash under arms cleared in one week

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

When I first met Rod (my darling husband), he had a brown discolouration under his armpits, like a rash but more subdued as it wasn’t very red. I asked him what it was, as I thought it might have been scarring of some sort. He said that it was some sort of rash that he had for so long he couldn’t remember when it first started.

I thought it might have been a type of dermatitis called herpetiform dermatitis which is associated with gluten sensitivity.

So armed with this information (and maybe to impress me by doing as he was told) Rod stopped eating gluten foods and within a week the rash was completely gone. He said it had never disappeared like that before and it has never returned, but then again, we have stopped eating foods containing gluten.


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