Pyrrole Disorder Case Study 3 by Sue Kira

by sue

Discovering the cause treats the problem

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

Bruce came to me after being treated with the ‘Walsh Protocol’ by his integrative doctor for the previous 12 months. He had a set plan of certain nutrients compounded for him to take in the morning and evening along with a few extras for his ‘Under Methylation status’ such as SAMe, Methionine and TMG.

His symptoms included anxiety, depression, insomnia, heartburn and reflux, loose stools and poor ability to concentrate. After 12 months on high doses of B6 as both Pyridoxine hydrochloride and Pyridoxyl 5 phosphate, along with zinc pic, vitamin C, biotin, theanine and magnesium, there were no symptomatic improvements.

His digestive symptoms were worse, his anxiety had increased with more constant feelings of agitation and the addition of occasional panic attacks, his toes felt numb and his arms ached with a ‘weird feeling’. He was told to just continue with his prescription, because these things ‘take time’.

By the way his pyrrole reading was 30. In the new reference ranges, this is not considered to be elevated.

You may have twigged to the main issue here. Not only was he over prescribed and was now suffering the effects of B6 toxicity (yet told to continue) but the cause of his symptoms was not even looked at.

In this case to discover the cause of his severe gut problems (dysbiosis) I ran some tests which revealed he had a parasitic infestation. No quantity of vitamins and minerals will deal with that…ever.

I was then able to treat his dysbiosis and within three months all his symptoms had cleared. And this was without any B6 (because his levels needed to drop) but he continued with some of the other nutrients like zinc, magnesium and vitamin C.

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