Prostate Case Study 1 by Sue Kira

by sue

Elevated PSA and red wine

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

75yr old Jimmy came to me soon after he was diagnosed with quite elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) – a marker of prostate health and risk for prostate cancer.

Jimmy’s doctor wanted to remove the prostate even though there was no cancer detected at that point. But Jimmy had some friends who had their prostates removed and had heard their stories of how bad it was and how they were left impotent.

Jimmy said that he wanted my help to do anything possible to reduce his PSI level before they ‘chop him up’ (his words). At that point he was committed to do whatever it took to make things better.

We tested his zinc, which was super low and his overall diet was very poor. Part of his daily ritual was to sit on the balcony at the end of the day with his wife and drink a whole bottle of red wine (each) along with lots of cheese and crackers. This was their together time to relax. I can understand wanting to have quality time with his wife, but I said that the wine, the cheese and the crackers had to go.

Well I think this news was worse for him than hearing that he may develop prostate cancer. It didn’t go down well, even though I offered him options such as having grape juice in sparkling mineral water and some avocado dip or hummus dip with gluten-free seed crackers or other healthy snacks they could have out on the balcony together.

He was happy to take a zinc supplement but he said he had to discuss the other changes with his wife. He phoned me two days later and said he was going to have the operation because he wasn’t prepared to make the other changes.

You might wonder why I’ve included a case study that failed? I wanted to share with you that a commitment to your health through diet and lifestyle (along with medical advice and treatment as needed) is really important to make changes for the better. The reality is that there are no short-cuts.

And on that note, even though Jimmy had his prostate cut out, which surely saved him from prostate cancer, what other problems would his body create with his diet and lifestyle?

I never heard from him again, but funnily enough, I did get a rush of men at the clinic for the next couple of months who were facing the same scenario (maybe Jimmy spoke to them). But these guys were committed to do what was needed. The next case study was one of them….


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