Parasites Case Study by Sue Kira

by sue

Parasite cleanse diet for persistent re-infections

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

Joe had parasites that just kept coming back. Not sinister parasites, these were the worms that you mainly get from kids and animals. They were very irritating for him and every full moon they would near drive him crazy with rectal itch.

I’m not kidding, worms love to come out to the light to lay eggs. Perhaps they like to go out for a full-moon party (now I’m kidding).

For years Joe had taken various over the counter medications for worms and had even tried herbs. They did all work, but the worms kept returning so he knew that he had to do more and that’s why he came to see me.

Joe loved drinking beer (full of yeast, gluten and sugar) and loved cheese and crackers on a Friday evening (starch and lactose which is the sugar from milk). He also loved to eat pasta for dinner three nights a week and two to three cups of coffee with sugars every day. Seeing a pattern here?

It was clear that he had far too many sugar hits and combined with the rest of his diet it meant  his blood sugar would have been spiking and dropping up and down, all day, every day. This was a super recipe to encourage ‘worms’, candida and other parasitic critters. No wonder he couldn’t keep on top of those infections.

I told Joe he needed to go on a parasite cleanse to eradicate his current infection, and to also adjust his diet to balance his blood sugar levels so he wasn’t constantly feeding those bad bugs in his body.

Once he realised why he the infections kept recurring, it was easy for him to understand why he needed to change his diet and lifestyle. He was totally sick of the worms and was ready for a healthier body.

Initially we used some herbs concurrently with a low sugar diet and no alcohol.

We also introduced a breakfast smoothie which included papaya (with seeds), pineapple (with core), blueberries (anti-inflammatory), some green vegetables, chia seeds, pepitas (zinc for immune system and Anthelmintic), sunflower seeds (B vitamins), coconut yoghurt (good bacteria) and coconut oil (anti-most bugs), topped with some cinnamon and turmeric.

Yum, what an explosion of nutrients – and all in one (big) glass!

Joe felt this smoothie was a great help to keep worms at bay which he enjoyed every day and continued to do so after his program was finished as he said it felt like it was keeping his insides healthy.

Needless to say, the worms didn’t revisit Joe (or if they did, they passed through very quickly). He felt much better being off sugar, most grains, gluten and dairy. He still had the occasional drink, coffee and pasta meal, but very rarely as he doesn’t want the worms to return and stay.

Sounds a bit like visiting relatives who are fine to catch up with briefly…but not for a stay-over


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