Misconceptions about a GF & DF diet by Sue Kira

by sue

Misconceptions about a gluten & dairy free diet

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

A while back, friends catered for a large business luncheon. At the end of the meal, the caterers were invited to the main room to be acknowledged.

After they were praised for the meal, the caterers told the group that everything was gluten and dairy free. Most participants were gobsmacked.

And that’s what happens. Mention ‘gluten and dairy free’ to most people and they think it’s weird and restrictive. Yet that’s not true. They are often surprised when they discover a gluten and dairy free diet can include meat, cakes, bread, ice creams, desserts, snacks, chips and so on.

Indeed, a gluten and dairy free diet is quite simple to follow as there are numerous easy to substitute ingredients available all around the world.

“Why bother?” you might ask.

Because generally, it’s much healthier for you, can increase your energy levels and vitality, and gluten and dairy is linked to many health conditions. Not a bad reason or three?

The quantity of gluten in modern processed foods is far higher than in food 50 years ago, which means you swallow more glug, in turn leading to more sluggishness.

Dairy foods contribute to a build up of mucus in the body, which affects sinuses, the digestive system, lungs and for some people, their immune systems.

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Some people say that only celiacs should cut out gluten. Yet how does that explain all the non-celiacs who enjoy a better quality of life, with higher energy levels, since cutting gluten and dairy from their diets?

Another criticism is that a gluten and dairy free diet is risky because it cuts out food groups deemed to be important. But with the great healthy substitutes available, you don’t miss out on any vital nutrients.

After 28+ years in practice prescribing diets for thousands of people, I can tell you that a GF/DF diet produced the best results and transformed many lives for the better.

The best way to determine if a Gluten and Dairy free diet is for you is to give it a go for a few months and see how you feel compared to now. Your body will let you know.


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