Liberate your mind by Sue Kira

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Let go and liberate your mind

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

What does it mean to liberate your mind? Consider for a moment how exceptional that could be for you. Perhaps it can bring you…

–  A life free of stress, anger, depression, guilt, fear, sadness or negativity

–  A body you love which has all the energy you need

–  Improved relationships

– A wonder-full life of joy, connection and love

Liberate your mind to find freedom

Emotional freedom and inner balance comes from shifting your state of consciousness from one of stress and resistance, to one of presence, acceptance and understanding. Through understanding we can eliminate reactions and simply respond (without the emotion).

What prevents you from liberating your mind?

Your thoughts. All the choices you have made in your life so far have produced the life you are now experiencing. These choices are motivated by your thoughts.

Thoughts can create havoc. For example you may have thoughts of mistrust in a relationship, which in turn prevents true love. Or fears, anxieties or lack of self-belief may have prevented you from taking action to move your career forward.

Why do you have these thoughts?

Circumstances in your recent past can affect the way you feel. Yet feelings and ingrained behaviours can develop much further back in your life, even from the moment of birth.

Up to around the age of nine, we are veritable sponges of our surrounding environment. As we develop we tend to take on and absorb everything  that is said or happens, whether loving or hurtful.

We may be taught to be tough and not show our feelings, we may be told we are useless, we may have been told we are to be seen and not heard, told to shut up, or told we are loved yet experienced unloving behavior. It all adds-up, it’s all clocked, and we feel it all, whether we like it or not.

Numerous situations made us who we are today. We don’t normally think about these situations unless someone asks or we’re reminded by something. But none the less, the mould has set.

When you reflect on your life, you may be reminded of past negative influences. If you do not feel joyful, confident or self-loving, it is quite possible that you are holding onto past negative feelings.

Ironically, the way to liberate your mind is not via the mind. As you may have experienced, it doesn’t work.

Liberating your mind is about connecting to your body in order to let go of past hurts and release emotional blockages. It’s a healing process which can involve counselling, Gentle Breath Meditation™ and gentle yoga which focuses on the body.

Returning to your essence of joy and love is the pathway to experience true freedom


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2 thoughts on “Liberate your mind by Sue Kira

Tonya Hardy 10 September 2019 - 8:49 pm

I really needed to read this,because I learned alot about myself in reading this,because Iam a victim of these things that I have read,but I no longer want to be a victim,I want to be Victorious in my life,BECAUSE I want to help people like myself, And now I Know I want to get past ,my past and not keep it with me any longer, but be abld to help people through and not be stuck in the past, and know there is a future after this…. THANK YOU,VERY MUCH FOR THIS TEACHING,AMEN.

Marcia kernahan 30 December 2017 - 11:59 am

Yes we all have choices, but we are not free, from the consequences of our choices. Lots of persons
Hold on to these rugged past; because they feel safe.
And because their self esteem~ has been treated with
Propensity they wear fear like a forth skin even if they develop a strong back bone, Ego always find a back door to enter
Firstly how can we get rid of ego, when it is the chemical necklace, that’s been around our neck since birth.. I do believe if we can find a way to send ego to the hanging tree.. Then our independent thinking would
Be active always. Thanks for your inspiration wording…