Forensic medicine & congestion by Sue Kira

by sue

Forensic medicine & congestion: a powerful message

By Sue Kira Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

This is an extract from my article about the Fibromyalgia Diet

When I worked for forensic medicine back in 1979, part of the job was to go to the autopsies for samples. One thing I noticed was that the bodies were often full of mucus, which lined every cavity and organ.

When I asked the morgue doctors about this, they said that was due to the person’s lifestyle and wasn’t considered normal. A healthy body didn’t have this muck. I couldn’t help thinking that this was probably unknown to the person when they were alive.

When I talk to clients about mucus forming or congestive foods, they often think I am just speaking about sinus congestion or chesty mucus (which it can be). However, they don’t realise that congestion can be throughout the body.

When you clear the congestion, you can really feel the difference in a clean body with less congestive symptoms and more vitality.

The message: Deglug for Vitality!

Apology: we wanted a pic that represented glug, so we photographed this jelly-fish found on the beach. Apologies to the jelly-fish – we know you’re not really gluggy. I suppose we could have crawled into a drain to get a better version of glug, and we certainly weren’t going to a morgue!


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