Estrogen (Oestrogen) Case Study

by sue

Raising estrogen for late age pregnancy

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client names and identifying information changed

Helen was a career women who didn’t give children much of a thought when she was younger, and she also professed that she never found the right man until somewhat recently. At 44 yrs old and already getting peri-menopausal symptoms, Helen thought her time was up to have children but wanted to ‘have a go’ and see where nature took her.

Helen’s doctor told her that her hormone levels and egg levels were very low and that if she wanted a child then it would need to be done via IVF. This was not what Helen or her partner wanted to do, so they came to me to see what could be done to increase their odds naturally.

Helen and her partner had been together for two years, without falling pregnant, so we had a look at their hormones and general health. Both were quite healthy. The only stumbling block was Helen’s declining hormone levels, particularly her estrogen and she was only ovulating once every 2-3 months.

The first step was to increase their nutrients from a healthy diet packed with nutritious foods.

Both had been eating lots of bread and pasta for quick meals, so this was changed to a high plant based diet rich in phyto-estrogens, especially adding flax crackers which helped to make things easy for food prep, but gave a boost of much needed phyto-estrogens to Helen. This was served with hummus and guacamole dips to get that extra boost, and eggs for breakfast to increase her lowish cholesterol levels.

We included pumpkin and pumpkin seed dip for zinc (also needed for hormones) and B6 and B12 rich foods such as chicken livers (also used as a dip) and pasture raised beef and lamb. Basically, they had eggs and veggies for breakfast, dips and flax crackers for lunches and quality proteins with loads of veggies or salads for dinner each night.

They both said that they had heaps more energy and vigour for life on this eating plan compared to their previous toast or cereal brekkie, sandwich lunch and pasta dinners.

They felt so good eating this way that they didn’t really mind if they did or didn’t fall pregnant but if it happened it would be a marvellous joy for them. I think they were trying to not feel attached to the idea of having a baby in case they couldn’t.

I didn’t hear from them for about 14 months, but then heard the good news of the safe and healthy arrival of baby Joel.

I often jokingly (yet seriously) say to many of my female clients to ‘watch out as you get healthier, you might just have a baby’. Countless clients who change to a healthier way of eating and living fall pregnant…whether they’re trying to or not.


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