Clinic infection precautions 

by sue

Clinic infection precautions

In recent times, our awareness has been raised about the transmission of viruses and the precautions we can take to protect and minimise the risk to ourselves and others.

If you have possible symptoms of a virus, flu, cold or infection which can include fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath and other respiratory or flu-like symptoms, please postpone your in-clinic consultation until your symptoms have gone and you are clear of any infection (however, skype or phone options are available).

Similarly, if I develop symptoms, I will immediately advise clients who have arranged an in-clinic consultation to postpone.

If you have recently returned from overseas, please delay scheduling in-clinic appointments until after 14 days, which I will also do if I travel overseas.

My in-clinic hygiene procedures are excellent. I wash my hands regularly in accordance with recommended protocols, antibacterial handwash is available for your use adjacent to the clinic’s waiting area, and I wipe down surfaces regularly with anti-bacterial spray or alcohol wipes or disinfectant.

Essentially this highlights that we all must be responsible and diligent in how we interact and connect.

Please call me if you have any queries on 0416 283 396