Cellulite Reduction Case Study

by sue

Cellulite reduction for a fashion model

by Sue Kira, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Client name and identifying information changed

When Tamara first saw me, her energy was low and she was embarrassed because she wanted to get rid of cellulite and although she knew she had an atrocious diet, she was reluctant to change it.

Tamara is a fashion model and for her it was all about being very slim, almost to the point of anorexia. She ate sparsely and drank lots of caffeine and diet coke to keep her metabolism high. She also knocked back copious amounts of vodka with soda water to keep her sanity (her excuse).

When I explained to her that cellulite is toxins trapped in fat cells, she was horrified. Being so self-conscious, Tamara couldn’t believe that this was happening to her and to realise that she was doing this to herself was even more horrifying.

But to her credit, she realised her health was important to her (although you wouldn’t have thought so initially) and she needed to make changes and take care of herself for reasons more than vanity.

Because Tamara was used to a very low calorie diet, her thyroid would have been producing reverse T3 to conserve energy because of the little amount of food she consumed.

Initially we had to be careful about piling too many healthy foods into her diet, so we started by changing her lettuce sandwiches to some cooked broths with low GI vegetables and a small amount of lean chicken or fish. Fats from chicken and fish, which are good quality proteins, along with coconut oil, help to absorb fat soluble toxins, and loads of veggies and water in broths and soups are great for flushing out the toxins.

Later we introduced some nuts, seeds, berries and coconut into her diet and then more low GI vegetables both raw and cooked.

Tamara also stopped drinking diet coke which is incredibly toxic and contains several artificial sweeteners (look them up and be shocked). Tamara also did some colon cleanses as she had been terribly constipated from her diet. She thought the constipation was due to not eating much and therefore little to pass.

Skin brushing helped to increase her circulation to stimulate the release of toxins from her skin. Self-massage around the area of the cellulite increased the lymphatic flow to stimulate the release of toxins from her body, at least until she regained her strength to go back to the gym, as exercise is the best way to move toxins away from where they accumulate in the body.

After three months of doing this Tamara had lots more energy, looked more vibrant and you could hardly see her cellulite, unless you pushed her skin.

She was on a mission to stay this way so no more cellulite would form and she would  always feel vibrant and healthy, especially as her work-load and travel was quite hectic.

A great result!


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