Australian Naturopath Sue Kira makes breakthrough food discovery

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Australian Naturopath makes breakthrough food discovery

 Australian Naturopath Sue Kira beside a Noodle Tree

Noodle Trees, discovered by Australian naturopath Sue Kira, are poised to transform the worldwide food industry.

Ms Kira, from True Vitality, told journalists that the Nobs from a Noodle Tree can be snapped off and quickly transformed into instant fresh noodles called ‘spagoodles’ which can be used for a variety of recipes including soups, salads, stir fries and other spagoodle dishes. The trees can be grown on warm climate farms and backyards, and the Nobs can be efficiently transported.

Ms Kira said, “Spagoodles have minimal starch, carbs, sugar and calories and are high in fibre, enzymes and water content. It’s an ideal food, particularly as it’s filling without having the starch, sugar and calories found in wheat and rice noodles. Kids love them because they can be crunchy or soft. Just yesterday a young girl said to me, ‘Don’t tell mum spagoodles are healthy, because she’ll think we won’t eat them’.”

When journalists pointed out that the Noodle Tree looks looked remarkably like a papaya or a paw paw tree, Ms Kira commented, “That’s merely a coincidence. We’ve even heard rumors that a major multinational agrochemical, biotech corporation is attempting to patent the seeds to corner the market for exclusive distribution, however we’ve already distributed seeds free of charge to international communities. We’ve also had several enquiries from sugar cane farmers who want to change over to Noodle Trees”.

The announcement rattled the pasta industry and Italian pasta barons Carlos Canelloni and Luigi Linguine were speechless when approached for comment.

Ms Kira said, “If you leave the Nobs on the tree for too long they turn yellow or orange inside and taste great, particularly with a squeeze of lemon, yet still have the same nutritional benefits. Spagoodles are here to stay,” said Ms Kira as she preceded to whip up a quick tongue-in-cheek Spagoodle salad for lunch.

Fresh spagoodle, picked 2 minutes ago

Simply peel the skin and then…


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