A new way to present recipes?

by sue

A new way to present recipes?

by Rod Harvey, Chief Food Taster, True Vitality

Do you find that some recipes are boring to look at? Is there a different way to present them?

Perhaps the following might be of interest…after all, there are stories everywhere.


Recently, a bunch of diverse ingredients met (by coincidence) on a table


The tofu said he felt a bit hot, so he popped under the tap to cool down


But while being dried, he started to feel anxious and began to…


…break down…


which quickly developed into a serious condition


This created a chain reaction when the capsicum also fell apart…


then the onion bought tears to everyone’s eyes!


Yet help was at hand with some soothing coconut oil


and the ingredients merged and bonded together


consolidated by the addition of magical gold turmeric dust


Then the suffering tofu was gently scattered throughout the ingredients


revitalised in a celebration of brotherhood, attracting much interest from…


Basil…the vibrant one, born from a green thumb


and finally, our friends the sprout family, joined in, which goes to show that


if diverse ingredients can merge harmoniously, surely we can do the same.



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