#2 Light-Hearted Fun from True Vitality

by sue

#2 Light-Hearted Fun

Back again with some light ideas from the kitchen and elsewhere. Have a scroll


I’m off to the Grand Met tonight. Bet no one else has the same outfit.


Sorry to disappoint…it’s really a shower cap


Hybrid Purple pear — or is it beetroot?


Twirly whirly just for fun. Want some?


Did you know that sweet potatoes come in different shapes and sizes. By the way we grew these…but we didn’t want to show you the rude ones




Bright enough for you? If not, take a bite of chilli to get you moving


Well look who’s joining us for lunch


Modesty should be essential in public!


On second thoughts I’ll make Dolmades for dinner!


Guess what…we’re buying a café!




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