#1 Light-Hearted Fun from True Vitality

by sue

#1 Light-Hearted Fun

We love our work…hope you do. Scroll down and enjoy!


Sammy how many times do I have to tell you you’ve taken that Keto Diet too far!


Sue’s impersonation of the Iron Chef (except she’s soft and cuddly)


Like my new organic bracelet? (Pity it’s got a short life span)


One of our funniest recipes. Sue chopping up the duck for the Tamarind Duck recipe  made Rod squirm when she firmly held the neck. Sue cried (as did Rod). 


No need to go to the gym…I go to Kitchen Fitness to work out. Only 9280 turns to go!


Damn weather…ruined my perm again!


The slippery sucker jumped right out of its shell. Guess it didn’t want to be beaten.


We’ve found a new way to grow eggs – without the poo (but it’s actually a type of eggplant. Get it…an ‘egg’ plant!)


The problem of being a chocolate tester is my tongue isn’t long enough!


Sue must be allergic to macadamia mylk because it makes her laugh. 


To share or not to share, that is the question. Mmmm…




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