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Following are testimonials from True Vitality clients and further down are testimonials from former health retreat participants. And if that’s not enough healthcare provider directory ‘Whitecoat’ has another 151 testimonials  🙂


After “putting up” with digestive complaints (gas, heartburn, indigestion etc), as well as blotchy skin, allergy symptoms and a general lack of energy for most of my adult life and having little success with quick-fix pharmaceuticals prescribed by my doctor, I finally made the wise decision to book an appointment with Sue. Sue used a broad range of diagnostic techniques (live blood analysis, iridology, diet and symptom analysis) to understand my condition and also to clearly explain to me how my dietary choices have contributed to my various symptoms.

Seeing Sue was truly a pivotal turning point in my life for the better and since adopting her prescriptions and diet modifications, I am so happy to say that all of the above symptoms have now cleared. I have regained my energy and finally have that feeling of “true vitality” that I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. Thank you so much Sue. I am now studying Naturopathy myself in the hope that I might be able to make a similar difference to other people’s lives. Andrew Wright


I first met Sue around six years ago when I did a retreat with her in Byron Bay.

My whole experience was wonderful. I was in need of someone to help me with my life and how to change things at that time. Sue was just fantastic. She was and still is in touch with me as a patient. And really, what more could I ask for. There are very few practitioners (either Western or Alternate) in my life who I could say this about.

A few months ago I became unwell again, after drifting off the track. I contacted Sue and made an appointment with her and felt exactly as I had the first time we met, connected! After a few changes to my diet and some supplements I am feeling better than I have for a long time.

I really feel I can trust Sue, and I know that this trust is a massive part of my healing. Thank you Sue for your naturally caring way. Kind Regards, Janine Christensen


Sue Kira was recommended to me by a friend. I was quite skeptical as I had seen naturopaths in the past and had always found the experience a bit “vague” and “wishy washy”. But I was aware my diet and lifestyle choices were no longer supportive and felt to see what Sue had to say.

And WOW! My first session with Sue was nothing as I had expected. She analysed my blood, investigated my eyes and studied my current diet, exercise plan and emotional responses. The results were not only interesting but definitely reflected how I had been living. She suggested some clear options for change that I found easy to implement and that had amazing results.

For me, I immediately had more energy and understood what choices to make to support myself more fully in my daily life. Sue is knowledgeable, professional and understands what each individual body needs. Thank you Sue. With love, Simone Lewis


I have just come from a session with Sue Kira and have a strong desire to share how I feel when I visit her in her practice ‘True Vitality’.

Sue ‘meets’ and connects with her clients and listens without judgement. She understands what her clients are going through because of her vast experience with health issues over the years with many clients, friends and family.

I appreciate the way Sue shares her experiences with me because feeling pain or generally feeling unwell can be a very lonely situation. I get that feeling of ‘oh, this lady gets me – she understands what I’m trying to tell her’ and I don’t often get that feeling elsewhere.

It is this connection, her humanity and practical knowledge rather than just reliance on book knowledge that sets Sue apart from many other health practitioners. Sue’s down to earth approach and her open mind is refreshing and very much appreciated. Coby Edmunds


Sue has an incredible depth of knowledge, care, experience, and talent. She is professional, loves what she does, and the tools she uses such as live blood analysis and iridology/sclerology are absolutely fascinating to be a part of, and even had me thinking about naturopathy as a career choice. It’s so much fun! If you choose to see Sue Kira, you are in qualified and capable hands. Enjoy! .  ps: Really enjoyed reading your ‘love in a box’ story!! How amazing! Your suggestion about the energy in the boxes, his increased presence at work, and his promotion. What a story! I’m so appreciative for the message. Thank you!  Jodie, Brisbane


After many frustrating visits to doctors and other practitioners without being able to get them to listen to my concerns, or explore the cause of my symptoms Sue was recommended by some one I trust completely. I first checked out the True Vitality website and was impressed with the extensive array of screening tools and broad experience Sue has available.

I was in crisis mode and have financial constraints so we organised to get as many tests done through my GP prior to my first visit. She was kind and thorough and was able to link the variety of physical and emotional symptoms, deficiencies and toxicities into a wholistic overview.

I was most impressed with the sclerology as there was a visual manifestation mapped out in front of my eyes enabling me to see exactly what was happening in my body. Sue helped me to create a treatment plan which has resulted in a great improvement in my health and well-being. Michele G


I cannot thank Sue enough for helping me. I developed a strange, irritated rash over my right cheek which the doctor diagnosed as a skin infection. I was given antibiotics and told to come back if things did not improve. Three days later my skin had changed to resembling pimples and had spread to the left side of my face as well. Upon returning to the doctor, he advised that the infection had been successfully treated but now I had acne which would take months to clear up. I questioned how I developed acne at the exact same time as a skin infection but he said he didn’t know how these things happened. He gave me a referral to a dermatologist to assist with my ‘acne’.

I am 31 years old and I used to suffer from recurring pimples (never chronic acne), starting from my teens but continuing into my twenties. Eventually at age 27, my skin became increasingly worse so I saw a dermatologist and was prescribed Roaccutane. Although this was a very intense treatment, after 10 months of taking it, I have not had a pimple in the 4 years since. To hear that I had developed acne was devastating as Roaccutane is supposed to work permanently, although I guess there are always exceptions. I wasn’t convinced by the doctor’s diagnosis as I also had other symptoms such as gut pains and overheating, so I started looking for a Naturopath to get a second opinion.

I was blessed with the good fortune of finding Sue Kira on the internet and I was also lucky that she had a cancellation for the following day. After a live blood analysis and sclerology test, she advised there was evidence my body was fighting a virus. After taking the prescribed herbal remedies, my skin cleared up in a couple of days. I will be eternally grateful to Sue for helping me to recover so quickly. Many thanks, Amy


Hi Sue
I am just writing a short note to say a BIG THANK YOU for today. I drove out of your address feeling so many different emotions. I cried all the way home and have felt so good to have some answers and information about how I have been feeling for so long.

I feel as though I was meant to have finally met you. I really have had thoughts that I was going a little crazy and this has been so worrying for me and when the Dr’s say….oh no your levels are fine etc. I have just felt that it must all be in my mind.

Sue, I am truly blessed to have met you and thank you. Fleur


Sue, its Marieta here how are you? Hope all’s well – I’m looking forward to our next appointment and feel confident I’m on the right path

I wanted to say thank you! I was totally impressed with the time and care you spent with me, it was refreshing and reassuring!

Sue I also wanted to mention that after our meeting, I’m now pretty sure I would like to study Naturopathy myself! I’ve always had an interest in the industry and then after meeting you loved everything you represented about it. I like the idea of working towards what you do, but most importantly how you do it! Professional, genuine! Marieta


For years I searched high and low for answers for my mood swings and somewhat erratic and unpredictable behaviour. Sue ran some tests. I have pyrrole disorder. Sue helps me manage it NATURALLY. My life is refreshed, I am so alive words don’t justify it enough! Your G.P knows nothing, Sue Kira is a genius….BROCK


The following are from participants at health retreats previously run by Sue 

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring retreat. I decided to do the retreat when I realised my energy levels were so low I felt I was ‘dragging’ myself through each day. The retreat has helped me understand where my energies were going and provided me with skills and knowledge on how to lead a more gentle and energetic lifestyle. The walks were wonderful and the food delicious. I never once felt hungry. Thanks again. Debbie (Majors Creek)


I came to the retreat on a last minute decision and had a lot to organise with small children. I am so glad I came as it gave me some time to myself and I have learnt so many wonderful things that will improve my vitality and also my family’s. Thank you. xx Gemma (Perth)


A very big thank you Sue for providing a retreat which just fitted my personal requirments. I learnt a great deal and acquired enthusiasm about the raw food diet which i will definitly be continuing. All the very best for you and your future. Love Jenny (Perth)


This retreat is truly an experience for the mind, body and soul. It has been a time of great healing and renewal for me, all done in a peaceful and gentle environment. I move forward now feeling calm, at peace, and centred, and with new skills to help me live my life in a better way. The gentle lovingness of the retreat has been a gift that will be with me forever. Thank you Sue for everything. Jeannie (Murwillumbah)


This retreat is a great opportunity to reassess your lifestyle and lean skills to make positive changes for mind and body. Anna (Tasmania)


Dear Sue, Thank you so much for the many gifts you have given me this week. You have shown me a new way to live and love and also made it fun and enjoyable. The meals have been fantastic and the treatments very benificial. I have even been getting up at 5.45 am to do the walks, amazing!! Thank you again, Vikki (Ballarat) X


Thanks Sue, this retreat was liberating for me. I feel a much stronger, clearer person now. I feel I can move on into my future with harmony. I will keep practising what you have taught me and leave old behaviour patterns behind. Your therapists that you had on board were great. You certainly picked the best for your lifeforce retreat participants. Again thanks. Annette (Bathurst)


Thank you Sue and everyone involved with the retreat. I’ve met some wonderful women here and enjoyed the best food. I feel rested and restored. The ‘gentle breath’ will be a part of my life now forever and it’s a practice I can’t wait to share with my family. I’m sure I will return. It’s been a lovely experience. Ros (Mona Vale)


This retreat helped me to see a clear path to health and well-being. The information was relevant and helpful to make choices between a wealth of conflicting information in the media. Perhaps the best element to the retreat was the strategies to use in everyday to hang on to the wonderful, supporting, loving feeling that formed between everyone who participated. Renee (26 weeks Pregnant) S.Aust.


I came to De-Tox, De-Stress and have some pampering, I got all of these and a lot more. Thanks Sue, I had a great time. Vilma QLD.


I was very apprehensive about coming on the retreat because I am normally a shy person and have difficulty mixing with people I don’t know. However, everyone was very friendly and I had an extremely rewarding time. The information I have learnt will be a major factor in changing my life for the better. Also the therapists were fantastic – best massage, facial, body wrap ever. Thank you. Christine (critical care nurse – Geelong)


I had a very relaxing 5 days with lots of pampering. I feel so much better after it. I hope to incorporate the ‘gentle breath’ into everyday life. Thanks for a great retreat. Katherine (Nurse – Victoria)


Dear Sue, I’ve truly had a wonderful time. I’ve met wonderful ladies and had lots of heavenly treats! And most importantly I’ve come back to my true self, and that feels wonderful! Thank you for holding this fabulous retreat. The food was also divine. Cheryl (fashion designer – Melbourne)


What a great way to connect with oneself, meet others who are on a similar journey and be guided by a special person. The retreat has been a time of enlightenment with the added bonus of enjoying good company in a peaceful surroundings. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is seeking a formula to a less stressful, more enriched way of life. All the best Sue. Margaret- (Kingaroy QLD)


There’s so much to say! I can’t begin to describe this incredible kind, gentle, nurturing and most importantly, empowering journey you have invited us and accompanied us along. I’m sure I will have more to say in the coming days but it’s completely honest to say I’m going home a better, stronger, happier and healthier woman. Thank you. Anika, (flight attendant – QLD)


A week on and I feel absolutely amazing. I feel a sense of peace and contentment I have never felt before.  I went to the retreat for a number of reasons and I can honestly say that I am feeling the healthiest and most energised I’ve ever felt in my life.  The gentle breath is something every person walking the planet should learn as it allows you to connect to yourself where there is only self-love.  I learnt so much about myself at the retreat through the help of Sue who is absolutely amazing, she is so knowledgeable, so caring, so gentle.  And as an added bonus I met three other wonderful women whom I know will be life long friends.  I highly recommend the retreat to anyone who is looking to find themselves, and anyone looking to live a healthy, peaceful life.  Thanks Sue, I will be eternally grateful. Love Francine x, Secretary – West Africa


What an absolutely wonderful experience. I felt nurtured and supported every single moment. I met an amazing group of people (Sue included) who have enhanced my life. Thanks for being part of my journey. I had the most beautiful birthday and I now feel completely ready for the rest-and the best-of my life!!   Karen x, Manager Brisbane


I’ve had the best time! I felt/was so low before I came to the retreat. I had lost myself and felt so lethargic. After 6 days with Sue my body feels and looks great, the fogginess has lifted from my mind, my energy levels have increased dramatically and I feel confident and empowered to now make a brilliant life for myself. I’ve also met the most wonderful people that I hope will be lifelong friends. I “highly” recommend Sue’s retreat for anyone who feels drained and /or lost. Sue, you are a wonderful woman, a shining light. Thank you, Mel x, Self-employed, Cobargo


The retreat was everything and more than I wished for. I have been having a tough time with life in general for some time. I also have auto immune disease. The retreat has given me back to myself. I was in a big hole and feel I have climbed out of that hole and am ready to face the world again. I feel like a real person again. My thoughts are clear and my body feel clear. The week before I came I couldn’t have really imagined that I would feel so good. Sue is just wonderful, she really makes you want to be well and healthy. The food was just amazing. We took photos of the meals because they looked so yummy and what’s more they tasted even yummier. The massages from Amber were the best. I also enjoyed our walks on the beach. It was just great. Thanks Sue, from the bottom of my heart. Janine x, Sales Avoca Beach


I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the retreat it was well rounded in that you educated on the soulful and nutritional and physical. I have learnt to listen to my truth and will incorporate it into my daily life. Thank you Sue Jackie, Brisbane


Thank you for changing my life. Very much for the better!!  I enjoyed the retreat so much I now have regular massages and have sort out a couple of organic shops in my area…… I can’t believe that I didn’t know about “healthy eating” before.  Actually, I thought I was eating really well……..now I am much more aware.  Thank you!  I also use my ‘gentle breath’ often, especially when things become over bearing. Hi Sue, (e-mailed from Jackie)


The concepts of the ‘gentle breath’, ‘inner truth’ and ‘self-love’ are so essential to living (not just surviving). I received a lot out of the soul connection side of the retreat and have learnt extremely valuable tools and techniques that I can incorporate into my daily life. The massages and ‘therapy’ session with Sue were highlights, with the walks, swims, whale watching and other wildlife sightings a bonus. You will not just learn from Sue, but from the other participants on the retreat. If you’re searching for ‘something’ (and don’t know what), I would highly recommend the retreat to you. Jo, Media Adviser, Canberra


Hi Sue,

Great to hear from you.  How is everything going! ……..

Yes I love the gentle breathe, works really well – loving being gentle.  Everything is going well so far and still a non smoker and off diet coke – thank you! I just have to believe in miracles as that is what happened for me!

Was just thinking the other day how I would like to give you a testimonial…. here it is

After trying everything to stop smoking from patches, to hypnotherapy, juicing at home, herbal remedies you name it I tired it!  I knew I had to do something drastic as it was killing me.  Prior to attending the retreat I was a walking contradiction doing over 5 RPM classes at the gym per week, eating fairly well but yet killing myself with over 2 litres of diet coke a day and a packet and a half of cigarettes.

I was so nervous my first day as every time I have attended detox or stopped I have always left and commenced smoking again. I honestly needed a miracle to cure me!

I am not sure what was different this time however I do know that by day two I knew I would never smoke again and began to feel fantastic.

I can not explain it any other way but a true miracle!  I honestly believe in energy healing as I barely felt the above detox (only slept for once day) and am free to breathe and live my life.

Thank you Sue!

Kate, contracts officer, Gosford Messaged (e-mailed)


Thank you Sue for a great break away. I wanted a place to cleanse, rebuild and refresh my physical, emotional and mental health and you have given me the tools to do this. Thanks also to Georgina. Her touch and the love she put into preparing our meals was sweetening. Margie, Marketing Manager, Sydney


Thanks so much for the retreat. I felt very relaxed afterwards and usually when one comes back to work they feel they did not have long enough, but I did. I have noticed some changes more in terms of foods which I don’t think totally agree with my body too. (When you detox and when connected to your heart you are more sensitive/aware of foods that are not right for you).
Will keep in touch, thanks again and best wishes, Margie (E-mailed)


Thanks again for being such a great health coach and support during the retreat. The whole thing was a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic experience. ‘Detoxing’ was made easy you’re your delicious range of juices and inventive recipes, your range of detoxification equipment (I just love that infra red sauna), the gentle exercises every morning, Amber’s massages and the wonderful bush and beach walks.

I especially appreciated all that monitoring of my health and all the individual guidance and support you gave me every day of the retreat.  Thank you also for answering the thousand (at least) questions I asked bout such a wide range of health topics. I learnt heaps!
I will heartily recommend your retreat to others. Cheers, Chris M, Retired, Vic


This retreat is the single best thing that I could have done for myself. Not only did this provide the opportunity for some relaxation and rejuvenation, it has shown me that we all have the power of emotional freedom and healing and that the answer to all our inner truth is self love. I now believe it is ok to be me and I can love myself wholly and completely. The venue is absolutely perfect and I will enthusiastically be recommending Sue’s retreat to anyone that is ready for the journey of self love and healing. Aleisa, Property Officer, Port Macquarie


After a soul changing 6 days I feel confident that I now am equipped with both the tools and the knowledge to live my life as I want to. I feel so very fortunate to have worked with Sue and leave with a light heart and an eternal glow. I have met some amazing women without whom I would not have progressed without their support and love. It is fulfilling to know I am not alone and will share a bond with these extraordinary souls for this life on earth. Sue….thank you for you gentleness, love Michelle, Operations Manager, Tweed Heads


Dear Sue.
The retreat has been my saviour. I was in a pit of despair and if the retreat did not work I don’t know what I would have done. The ‘gentle breath’ technique is by far the best meditation breathing that I have experienced and I have learnt a few. Both Wanda and Amber (therapists) were wonderful and so experienced and beautiful in the work with you. The resort ‘Sangsurya’ is heaven on a stick, so thank you Tony. (Retreat owner) I have learnt so much from this retreat. How to live a healthy life with delicious yummy scrummy raw food, the gentle breath and the gentle way of living, to all the development techniques towards and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, to a full understanding of how my body works and why it acts the way it does from all the well presented and interesting sessions you delivered. The best thing about this retreat is that I felt safe in my journey and that I can finally have self love. Thank you so much for being a great teacher. Annie, Lecturer, Canberra


This retreat has given me the tools to reconnect with who I truly am. I can move forward as a shining light. Sue has rekindled in me a love and appreciation of myself and showed me how to honour myself and live with integrity. The past five days have been life changing. Thank you Sue for sharing your knowledge, your beauty and your gentleness. Nicola, Brisbane QLD


I had the best five days EVER!! I will never be the old Monika again. My experience here at the retreat is life changing. Thank you Sue. Monika, Sunshine Coast QLD


At first I found it a little difficult to sit with everything, but after a while it was definitely easier and it became harder to ignore. You just start to connect and that is that by the end of the retreat. I had answers I had been looking for, for a long time and it was so simple. I feel more connected and no longer have guilt when standing up to my truth. Thank you Sue. Anon


Hi Sue

It has been well over a month now since the wonderful retreat and I am still benefiting from the experience! I have energy, I have laughter and I am at ease!

The retreat was “fantastic”! The abundance of healthy & delicious food, warming herbal teas, the relaxing atmosphere and the great and inspiring women I met was just what I needed…Oh and did I mention the unforgettable massage! I am extremely thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful event.

Back in the “world” of work, relationships and noise, on a daily basis I find myself using the “soul breath meditation” technique you taught us. I am still learning and practising, however I truly feel the benefits of no longer “absorbing and reacting” or allowing my energy to be depleted. I slip up now and again, reacting to a situation, however I am more conscious now, I find myself stopping myself in mid sentence…accompanied by many strange looks.

The time I spent with you and the lovely ladies I met on the retreat has certainly given me a new confidence to change a few things in my life – I hardly have touched any alcohol. I feel I am now equipped with “tools” to better deal with raising emotion. I have been able to put the emotions that resurface into perspective, with a gentle breath and by being gentle on myself they slowly float away. I am allowing myself to take time out for me on a regular basis and with a greater ease than ever before, not worrying about what else I should be doing…it all waits and then achieving better results because of it.

Sue I thank you!

Kind regards, Amaya,( Fanny Bay Northern Territory) E-mailed


Hi Sue,

I had a great time with you and the girls and I am so thankful that I chose to take the time out to do it.

It has been an interesting few days, the children noticed a huge difference in me, said I looked happier and more rested. Peter has also noticed a huge difference and he said it was good for me and he was pleased for me. We had a big chat yesterday during which he broke down in tears, I certainly used my observe not absorbed principles then… and found it a huge help, it helped me talk to him on a different level as in moving forward with himself and not getting bogged down with thoughts and I felt very calm inside

Tuesday night I went out for dinner with my friends and whilst my choice of food was not fantastic (small steak) and a few veg’s (best choice on the menu) I drank 6 glasses of water an half a glass of wine…. it would usually be the other way around, my friends said I looked great and could see a major difference in me (weight of the world had been lifted)

Wednesday still feeling great, back to work, more comments on how good I looked, I felt great all day.

With the breathing and connecting I have put it to use especially when I have noticed a change in my body, after feeling so great it’s easy to spot a change when back in to reality.

Wednesday night out to Thai with the family …red veg curry for me and lots of water and a small glass of red wine…. no ciggies and doing well with the alcohol,,, better to know I can limit myself to that rather than go totally without and then binge when I do have one…. aim is to keep off it as much as possible.

No coffee or dairy as yet…. just herbal tea’s

I had lots of fun and felt I have learnt new tools for life… it’s down to me to put them into practice!!

talk soon
kind regards Karen, Real Estate Agent, QLD (emailed)


I found that for the issues I’m facing, that the retreat came at a very appropriate time and I came away with some very valuable life tools that will help me make changes. I noticed that even though we all came here for different reasons, talking to the other girls I found out that all were helped by the program. I will be recommending the program to my friends. Sue Foyster, Property Manager,  Crabbes Creek, NSW.


Hi Sue

I have been raving about my experience, it really was so beneficial for me.
For the relaxation, time out for self, fabulous healthy food and the
positive learning of new life living skills.  This was the healing time I
really needed.

I feel like I’ve discovered a new little gem that will help me to remain focused to my truth of who I am and where I want to be and doing things that fulfil my heart.

The breathe technique I think needs some more practice but I am really thankful for the time out I had at the retreat and the life changing influence it has been.  So a big huge thank you to you Sue, I really feel what you offer is unique and is an exceptional
experience for the body and soul.

Thanks so much for the email and the invitation to follow up on how things
were going.  It really was appreciated

Kind regards & hug
Rowena, Manager, South Australia (e-mailed)


Sue offers the most personable and truly loving atmosphere for you to unwind and connect to your inner truth. By teaching principles of the ‘gentle breath’ she guides you to love that most precious person – ‘you’. The food was an organic smorgasbord of goodness, the venue was breathtaking, and the activities pampered the body, tickled the funny bone and nourished the soul. I attended the retreat in search of healing meditations to assist me in naturally healing my diagnosis of ‘aggressive breast cancer’. By day 3 of the retreat I had palpable reduction of my tumour size- which is a gift beyond measure. The retreat has boosted my immune system. Boosted my self nurturance and left me with the powerful knowledge of utilizing the ‘gentle breath’. Geraldine (Breast Cancer) Lismore NSW


Hi Sue,

Breast lumps have stayed the same reduced size since the retreat – maybe even reduced more.

I am utilising the gentle breath a lot. Still in a bad sleep pattern, so really make the most of it when I am lying there in lieu of deep sleep. I really do GET IT! I can instantly feel the benefit of using it over reacting in emotional ways that hurt.

While I wait for my grass farm (wheat grass) to grow enough I am juicing organic spinach and herbs to get nutrients.

It was great to get to know you on retreat – really special.

Love Geraldine x (Breast Cancer) Lismore NSW


I have achieved all I wanted from the retreat. I came with no expectations and am leaving with high expectations. My mind is clear and I feel empowered to make some important improvements in my life. Barbara, Goonellabah, NSW


I felt this week was extremely important for me to stop and think about my life and the decisions I have to make. Thank you for the chance to be able to do so. I have really enjoyed myself. Amelia, Kardinya WA (18 years old with Rheumatoid Arthritis)


It was fabulous to come and let go into 5 days of healing and nourishing foods. Sue is an excellent guide into the world of optimum health on many levels of the being. Linda, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD


When I started looking for a health retreat, I found that there were quite a few to choose from.  What I wanted was to walk away feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.  Some things are meant to be because the Life Force Retreat was exactly what I needed.   I learnt how to see my self value again, relax and connect with the ‘gentle breath’, and what foods I really should and shouldn’t have in my diet.  I also met some wonderful people and had an extremely relaxing time.  Thank you Sue. Samantha. Marketing Manager, Hawthorne, QLD


The retreat was a real treat! It gave me the nutritional support and pampering in a natural setting I was craving. Thanks for your gentle caring way Sue, it helped soothe the bumps of life and has left me feeling relaxed and replenished. The massages were a highlight!!! Powerful and energising. Claire, Kardinya, WA


Sue Pollock’s methods are some of the most effective tools for positive life changes I’ve experienced in over 15 years of involvement in natural health modalities. Andrew, Organic Farmer, Alstonville, NSW


The retreat will stay with me for a lifetime, you helped me put things into perspective. No more headaches. People asking this ‘grandmother’ what I have done to look so much younger – and happier. And most of all – my stress has left the business. Robyn, Restaurant Owner, Brunswick Heads, NSW