Please note that from 1.8.2016 I am no longer taking any bookings and will have CLOSED BOOKS until further notice as I am working on a new program (Eating4Vitality) to better support the wider community.

Since the closing of my books on the 1st August, I have been getting many enquiries about two things; one is who can I refer them to see and the other is why can’t you fit me in as a new client. For a referral list please see links and info below, but in reference to why I can’t fit in another client, I feel now it is important for me to be spending my time on another project I have been working on for the past 4yrs part-time and since August 2016 full-time.

For the past 23+ years my clients have really needed better guidance with their diet. Sure, the nutritional and herbal pills and potions have their place, but the core to good foundational health and vitality comes from what we eat. I have made recommendations over the years of special diet regimes to help support very specific conditions and this has helped enormously, but I have fell short on being able to provide good support material for this process, and I’m sure that I’m not the only practitioner that feels this way. Resources for specific diets are thin. At most we can offer a hand out sheet of the do’s and don’ts but constantly I would have clients say, “Just tell me exactly what to eat and I will do it, if it’s going to help me feel better sooner”.

With this short-fall of resources, I have along with my husband been working on the Eating4Vitality program which will comprise of loads of individually photographed step by step recipes for different diets for different conditions and also includes sections for increasing specific nutrients, low allergy foods etc. In total there are around 130 different parameters to choose from, plus very specific diet programs, not to mention a shopping list, menu planner and the list goes on. Breaking news, the site is now live, come and see us at

For referral suggestions for where you can go for help. For general naturopathic advice, please go to for a list of practitioners in your area. For those needing support with pyrrole disorder may I suggest that you visit the following websites for their listing of practitioners in your area. They also have some great info for educational purposes and list of courses, workshops and books worthy of reading should you wish to understand more about pyrrole and mental health imbalances.

I wish you all the best in health and happiness and I do hope you will join us in Eating4Vitality at

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