Liberate your mind

What does it mean to liberate your mind?


Take a brief moment right now and imagine your life exactly as you want it to be…
• A life free of stress, anger, depression, guilt, fear, sadness, and any other feeling that leaves you feeling less than great

• A body you love with all the energy you desire

• A new or improved relationship
Imagine that from this very moment you experience only joy, happiness, unconditional love, in fact – True freedom!
Emotional freedom and inner balance comes from shifting your state of consciousness from one of stress and resistance, to one of relaxation and allowance.

So what prevents you from doing just this? Your thoughts.
For example you may have thoughts of mistrust in a relationship, which in turn prevents true love. Or, perhaps fears or anxieties that prevent you from taking action to move your career forward and produce the financial results you desire.

All actions you choose to take in your life, or actions that you choose not to take, produce the results that make up the life you are now experiencing. These actions, or inactions, are motivated by your thoughts.

So why do you have these thoughts?
Sometimes a set of circumstances in your recent past makes you feel the way you do. But sometimes feelings can develop from a period of time much further back in your life, even from the moment of birth or conception.

Up to the age of about 9 we are veritable sponges to our surrounding environment. As we develop our ego and our emotions we tend to take on everything that is said or happens to us, whether loving or hurtful. We may be taught to be tough and not show our feelings; we may be told we are useless; we may have been told we are to be seen and not heard; told to shut up instead of enquire; we may have been told we are loved but then shown unloving behavior.

Numerous situations in our life have taught us to be the way that we are today. We don’t normally think about these situations unless someone asks, or we are reminded by something – but the mould has set none the less.

Sometimes when you reflect on your life, you can see negative influences that have occurred. If you do not feel as happy, confident or positive as you would like, it is quite possible that you are holding onto past negative feelings.

The trick is to let go or release those emotions to liberate your mind and experience true freedom!

How? It’s a choice we all have.

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2 thoughts on “Liberate your mind

  1. Tonya Hardy

    I really needed to read this,because I learned alot about myself in reading this,because Iam a victim of these things that I have read,but I no longer want to be a victim,I want to be Victorious in my life,BECAUSE I want to help people like myself, And now I Know I want to get past ,my past and not keep it with me any longer, but be abld to help people through and not be stuck in the past, and know there is a future after this…. THANK YOU,VERY MUCH FOR THIS TEACHING,AMEN.

  2. Marcia kernahan

    Yes we all have choices, but we are not free, from the consequences of our choices. Lots of persons
    Hold on to these rugged past; because they feel safe.
    And because their self esteem~ has been treated with
    Propensity they wear fear like a forth skin even if they develop a strong back bone, Ego always find a back door to enter
    Firstly how can we get rid of ego, when it is the chemical necklace, that’s been around our neck since birth.. I do believe if we can find a way to send ego to the hanging tree.. Then our independent thinking would
    Be active always. Thanks for your inspiration wording…

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