Iridology Sclerology

Iridology and Sclerology examinations

Here are two examples of what can be viewed in an Iridology and Sclerology examination. Two more examples can be found below. Iris on the left and sclera on the right photos.








Iridology and Sclerology is the study of viewing each eye and their markings to determine strengths and weaknesses.Your visit to the True Vitality clinic will most likely include an examination of your eyes. Photos of your eyes are taken and then viewed on the monitor together.

Iridology looks at the iris, or coloured part of the eye. The nerves that travel throughout the body and brain extend to the optic nerve to reflect various weaknesses you are exposed to genetically. They also include markings to reflect physical changes created due to health issues over the years.

Sclerology looks at the whites of the eyes, which should be ‘white’, but often contain various red lines and other markers. Sclerology is an extension of the dura mater (a thick membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord) and is a recorder of more acute conditions, and also a useful tool to monitor health changes.

I particularly like viewing the scleras (whites) as this can give profound insights into where the root of your health issues may be coming from.

For example, I had a client who had a heart attack, but his doctors couldn’t work out why as his heart seemed healthy. When he came to the True Vitality clinic, we looked at his blood first and this did show some minor signs, but he otherwise seemed quite healthy.

Then we looked at his eyes and the sclera revealed that he had very strong markers not only in the heart area but also his thyroid. His doctor refused to do thyroid testing saying that he didn’t look like someone with a thyroid imbalance (stable weight etc), so we organized for him to do private testing of his thyroid markers.

This showed very significant indicators that his thyroid was indeed in trouble. There’s a known clinical link between thyroid and cardiovascular risk, so this was no surprise to me. His doctor was ever so glad that the tests were done and promptly prescribed appropriately.  Along with this we also used natural herbal and nutritional supplements to support both systems and he’s been healthy ever since.