Cancer Case Study

*Not the real name

Using foods to support cancer treatment

Libby* an 85-year-old client, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a radical mastectomy to remove both breasts and surrounding lymphatic tissue. Initially she wasn’t going to have any treatment because of the potential risk at her age, and some thought that she may not live any longer with or without the treatment.

But Libby was otherwise very strong and decided to go ahead with the treatment plan. Once the program was started, she was on a roller coaster of treatment regimes, including chemotherapy and radiation, as more spots were found in other parts of her body where the cancer had spread.

After a few weeks of treatment Libby came to me as she felt her life force being stripped away from the treatments.

Due to family pressure, she decided to stay with the medical regime for a while, but wanted to see what could be done to otherwise support her. Her doctors had told her to keep her weight up by eating anything that was high calorie, such as pizzas, hamburgers, chocolate, bread, pastry and so on. Her weight was dropping no matter what she ate (she was a tiny lady as it was) but she just didn’t feel good about what she was eating.

I asked her what would feel good to eat and she replied that she had been craving broths but knew that they didn’t have many calories in them. Her body was also craving fats but she would vomit every time she ate animal fats.

I felt that broths and soups would be great for her as they are easy to digest and loaded with minerals. I shared some easy-to-make recipes with her and suggested she try eating some coconut fat by way of creamed coconut and adding coconut oil to the soups and broths.

She loved that idea. After a few weeks of eating broths, soups full of pureed vegetables, coconut oil and creamed coconut (with raw cacao added for her choc fix) she said she felt heaps better and was coping with the treatment much better.

Later she decided that she didn’t want to continue with the treatment as the doctors said she wasn’t responding to what they were giving her. Instead, she decided to live for the rest of her days with good healthy food choices as she had never felt better.

Several years have passed and I keep in contact with her family (also clients) and so far, she is still going well. Please note that I did not recommend she stop any treatments, this was a decision made between Libby and her doctors.

For more information on Cancer Support and foods that help or hinder the immune system please click here (coming soon).


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