Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal, Immunology, Metabolic & Nutritional Tests

Testing available via true Vitality Clinic

The following are a list of tests available for clients of the ‘True Vitality’ clinic with Sue Kira

Endocrinology Tests

Adrenal Function Tests

Aldosterone Tests

Estrogen Tests

 Estrogen Metabolite Tests

 Female Cycle (28 Day) Hormone Profile

 Female Hormone Profiles

 Growth Hormone Tests

 Male Hormone Profiles

 Osteoporosis Markers

 Sleep Profile

 Thyroid Hormone Tests

 Gastrointestinal Tests


 Celiac Tests

 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)

 Helicobacter Pylori

 Intestinal Permeability Test

 M2 Pyruvate Kinase

 Organic Acids – Intestinal Dysbiosis Panel

 Pancreatic Elastase

 Parasitology Profile

 Immunological Tests

 ALCAT® Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing

 Candida Antibodies


 Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing:

 IgE Allergy Panels

 IgG Allergy Panels                                               

 MELISA™ Metal Allergy Testing



 Secretor Status

 Secretory IgA

 Metabolic Tests

 Cardiovascular Profile – Comprehensive

 Cytokine Tests



 Inflammation Profile

 Lipoprotein A

 Liver Detoxification Profile

 The Mauve Factor (Formerly Kryptopyrrole)

 Neurotransmitter Metabolite Test

 Organic Acid Panels

 Oxidative Damage Markers


 Nutritional Tests

Amino Acid Tests


 Copper, Magnesium & Zinc

 Essential Fatty Acid Tests


 Iodine Tests

 Mineral & Metal Tests

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4 thoughts on “Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal, Immunology, Metabolic & Nutritional Tests

    1. sue

      They vary in price from $25 to several hundred depending on what is being tested. Comonly my clents test their female hormones and this costs around $125 for 5 hormones

  1. rose

    can you please tell me if any of these tests are done via pathology testing (ie hanly moir pathology etc) or are they unique to your practice?

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