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Practicing naturopathy for the last 20+ years has allowed me to meet many thousands of people who are interested in their health and wellbeing. During this time I have seen many diseases and various states of ill health, but the number one stand out reason that most people presented to the clinic with was fatigue. Now of course there are many reasons why these people had less energy and vitality than what they would prefer.

Some of these where because they had an illness or disease state that they were or were not aware of at the time they came in to see me, but the majority did not have a disease, at least not yet.

In this post I will cover many aspects of how to regain vitality and energy. The topics covered will be:

Please note that this post is being added to often and so many not be complete at the time of your reading.

Food choices


Food preparation

Sleep patterns


Body rhythms




Patterns and momentums

Conscious Presence

Body Movement/exercise



Supplements to support the body

Herbs to support the body

Therapies to support the body


Practicing as a naturopath I would often suggest that people try omitting gluten and/or dairy foods from their diet and most of the time they found an improvement in their health and energy levels.

Sometimes this sugestion would be because their body would need to reduce the antigenic load to allow their immune system to have a rest and sometimes this would be because of a suspected allergy. On and off I would do the same. I would go three months without gluten to see how I would feel and also to see if it would have any effect on my weight. At the time it seemed to have little effect if I ate gluten and dairy or not.

 Also at that time I wasn’t aware that there was gluten and dairy hidden in foods, so in fact I was never completely off gluten or dairy and so I wasn’t really able to gauge the effect fully. I discovered later that unless you are 100% off gluten and dairy your body doesn’t detox from it. So it’s as though you are still eating it.

When I became involved with Universal Medicine the topic of gluten & dairy came up again. This time with clairsentience (true feeling) I knew I had to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet completely.

I had a history of fatigue and weight issues for many years and had worked on the emotional aspects of giving away my energy, but the diet was the place I found that I could instantly feel a difference in my energy levels. I would often feel tired after a meal, but thought that this was just how it was.

 Universal medicine has helped me understand the esoteric side of how certain foods such as starchy foods will dull your light and make you feel gluggy and sluggish and tired as well as not allow you to feel clearly (be clairsentient) the foods which are right for you. Gluten and dairy seem to be the main foods that have this effect. Dairy isn’t a starch, but would have a dulling effect on feeling clearly also. Dairy is difficult to digest and so it seems that the one common thread is in how difficult something is to digest determines how heavy that food will make you feel, hence dulling your energy and your ability to feel clearly.

Being emotional, rushing about, eating quickly, being stressed, all puts the body’s nervous system into sympathetic overdrive, whereas the body can only digest if it is in parasympathetic mode which is what we are in when we are connected to the gentle breath, relaxed and still.

It is with this knowing that I have put together a range of gluten free, cane sugar free, dairy free raw and cooked foods that can be enjoyed by the whole family as they are or as accompaniments to other foods. You can find these recipes by clicking here.

Esoteric (innermost) nutrition & the calcium myth

Esoteric nutrition is about feeling into the foods that are right for you and your family by clairsentience (clear feeling), not just by what a book or someone else says is good for you. Take for example how the dairy corporation sponsors eating dairy for your calcium requirements. Are they saying this for your benefit or theirs? Most children beyond the age of two can no longer digest milk properly due to the lacking of the enzyme lactase in the individual and the product. We are told to have calcium for strong healthy bones and teeth which is truth, but are not told how we leach calcium from the body via acidic foods and salt. Even stress causes acidity in the body which in turn causes depletion of calcium reserves when the blood uses calcium stores to bring the acid alkaline balance back to a favorable parameter.

Esoteric food preparation

When it comes to food preparation we want to be in the very best energy possible as everything we do carries the imprint of the energy that we are in. The movie ‘Like water for chocolate’ is a good example of how energy transfer of the person cooking the food can affect the taste of the food and the health of the person consuming the foods. If we cook when angry for example then the food will contain the energy of that person’s anger. Bad enough for the person who made it to eat it in that energy for it is their energy amplified, but for others, to consume something with another’s bad energy is worse as the body doesn’t know where it came from and it is like poison to that body.

Optimally we want to always be in the best energy possible and not have emotions rule our lives. It’s not just cooking that is influenced this way but everything we do carries energy. If we send an e-mail in a state of anger or sadness, then the person receiving that e-mail will be affected by that energy. At the moment we are not in a perfect world where every person’s energy is good so how do we deal with this situation. We can only be responsible for our self and our energy and also how we allow others energy to effect us.

In a state of connectedness to the inner heart, (via the gentle breath) and the harmony from within we will be impulsed with what to do in any given situation. Things that we can do to help, is to be aware of the energy that we are in when preparing foods. If we recognise that we are feeling emotional in any way, then best to stop, sit down, practice the gentle breath meditation to help clear the emotion and re-connect back to the inner heart before proceeding with the food preparation. Whilst preparing the food we can also stir the foods anticlockwise with the rhythms of the inner heart and this will also help to clear any negative energy. Also a clearing symbol (available from Universal Medicine) can be placed under the bowl, plate or whatever we are using. The clearing symbol is good for dinning out if we feel that the chef or other kitchen staff might not be in the best energy. If we actually see or feel a strong negative energy coming from the kitchen of a restaurant it is more self-loving to leave.

Foods that heal vs. foods that harm

As in the above discussion we can see that the same food prepared with love will have a different effect than if prepared in anger. In this way the same food can be harming or healing. I’m sure you can guess which is which. But there are also other foods that no matter how you prepared them they can be harmful to the body. Mostly we know what these are. Connected to your inner heart you will know that foods that are processed and refined are damaging to your health. Sugars, starches, including most grains and dairy are all processed as well as being heavy to digest.

It is more important what you DON’T eat than what you actually eat.

It’s all about obstruction. In other words, which foods are damaging and obstructing the ‘True Vitality’ of the body. The number one benefit from eating simple, fresh foods is the elimination of all the processed foods that are DAMAGING to the body. Your body will be able to rejuvenate if you have eliminated harmful processed foods such as refined sugar and processed starches from your diet.

Increasing your ‘True Vitality’ with food choices

Foods can be broken down into several groups or categories:

1. Processed starches/grains – breads, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pasta

2. Refined sugars – sugar, ice-cream, sweets/lollies, chocolate, soft-drinks, alcohol

3. Dairy products of all animals  

4. Processed oils – any oil from vegetable, animal or seed not cold-pressed

5. Meat and eggs – chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, eggs

6. Unprocessed and not heated (cold pressed) oils from nuts, seeds and vegetables

7. Cooked fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and herbs

8. Raw fresh fruits, vegetables (including salads) and herbs

9. Sprouted seeds, nuts and legumes

 Most diets that claim that they work for good health or weight loss omit the first two to four food groups.

Whole grains such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and animal proteins in moderation (125-200g 3/week), will still result in reasonably good health. It is a moderately acidic diet which will leach some alkalizing minerals, which can lead to osteoporosis but is certainly better than a diet based on processed foods.

Remember it is more important what you don’t eat than what you do eat. What you leave out of your diet completely is the key to ultimate health.

The natural process of digestion causes fermentation. Cooked foods cause more fermentation than raw foods. Also, not chewing any type of food will cause more fermentation due to the food not being broken down enough first. It is important to note that the stomach doesn’t have teeth! The stomach does have acids to break down foods, but these acids are stimulated to be secreted in the stomach by the action of chewing.

 With years of poor eating the cells in our body grow and become full of carbonic acid. As you eat less fermentive foods the cells contract and give off waste gas and shrink in size. This is why people seem to be gassier when first eating a healthy unprocessed food diet, they are releasing the gas build up from their cells. However, gas from eating legumes is because they have usually not been soaked and sprouted to remove the enzyme inhibitors and so this causes fermentation in the gut and the subsequent release of flatulence.

The clearer and cleaner you become, the more sensitive you become, but you also become clearer and more sensitive to energies – more connected and clear feeling (clairsentient).

When you stop eating certain foods that are toxic, the body will detoxify. This may give symptoms of runny nose, headaches, nausea etc, so it is important to firstly realise that this is the body clearing and to assist it where you can.

Ways to help the body to detoxify are – body brushing, sweating, drinking plenty of pure clean water, drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices especially green vegetable juices and melons (not together). Herbal teas such as dandelion & fennel can be helpful. Rebounding on a lymphaciser and having chakra-puncture (esoteric acupuncture) is great for detoxification. Walking in fresh air especially by the seaside or in the bush where there is a greater concentration of negative ions.

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