Linda with Uterine Fibroids

Linda came to me with ongoing bleeding between periods. She already knew that she had uterine fibroids but didn’t want to have them removed. She felt it would remove her ‘womanhood’ as the doctor wanted to remove all of her uterus, not just the fibroids. Also Linda was 50 and felt that because her hormones were changing as she moved towards menopause, the hormones feeding the fibroids could also help them to disappear. Basically she wanted help to stem the flow of bleeding so she wasn’t so anaemic and tired all the time, and to shrink the fibroids because she had heard that herbs could help.

So the first plan of attack was to look at the bleeding issue. Some wonderful herbs did help and the fibroids were in fact shrinking. This we knew from ultrasound, but still the doctors wanted to remove them to prevent them turning cancerous. She refused, saying that they were there for a reason and she wanted to work out that reason first.

This was my cue to start talking about the emotional aspects relating to her fibroids. From my understanding, fibroids relate to ‘healing the hurt of a loved one’ and ‘not looking after your own needs’.  Remember, these are keys words and not a diagnosis (see my introduction to the case studies). Linda could relate to this as a few years previously she nursed her dying mother from breast cancer. Of course she didn’t have the time to take care of her own needs at the time and after her mother died, she hadn’t grieved fully. ‘Life goes on being busy’, as she put it. Linda said she was never really close to her mum, so she thought that grieving for just a few days was OK. But obviously it wasn’t, because talking about it brought up tears.

I knew there was more to it that just the obvious, but she wasn’t ready to share this information and I wasn’t going to push her if she wasn’t ready. She said she knew what she had to do and went on her way. She returned next month for some more herbs and told me how she went to her mother’s grave to talk and tell her mother why she was angry with her, but never got to tell her because her mother was either too sick or too self absorbed in her own life. Anyway she felt a tremendous relief from this ‘chat’ with her mum, and slowly over the next few months the fibroid shrunk and disappeared. Ultrasound confirmed that the tumour was gone, but she was still menstruating, so she still wasn’t menopausal yet.

Not all cases of fibroids are as responsive to this kind of work and I would never suggest that anyone forgo medical treatment for any condition.

Email consultations with Sue Kira

Many people find that they don’t have the time or money to visit a Naturopath in clinic, especially if they feel it is only a minor disorder. Well, to help people be more time efficient and to support those finding it financially difficult with the current economic climate Sue has decided to avail herself in service to those that need this kind of help by offering Email consultations.
This service is available to all of Sue’s existing and new clients, so feel free to spread the good word. This special offer is available for only $10 per transaction.
A transaction is classed as the back and forward of information between the client and Sue until the information required has been reached and advice has then been made.
There is provision for other related questions to be made about concerns with the condition within a month of the initial advice given. After this time or if a lot of time is needed for the consultation then it is only fair for Sue to ask for another $10 as she sees the need.
Payment can be made by direct bank transfer (internet banking) or credit card (fees apply). You will be given bank details when you contact Sue. How quickly Sue responds to your Email will depend on her work load with clinic sessions, retreats and other emails that came before yours.
What to do:
1. Fill out a Free Health Appraisal Questionnaire on-line with Metagenics, using the pratitioner member number of 4504, this will then say your practitioner is Sue Kira.
2. Then Email Sue (with the email link not the form) the details of your health concern along with any history of condition and relevant family medical history details and listing any current medications including supplements and herbs as well as listing what you have tried for this condition so far. Also mention that you have filled out the questionnaire.
This service is only available to Australian and New Zealand residents. Apologies to overseas readers.
It must be noted that even though Sue has accreditation with all health funds for claims made for private consultations, no health fund will pay for on-line or Email consultations, so do not try to claim.

Australian residents only please

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