Past-life link to Rheumatoid Arthritis

(The following case occurred 12 years ago and I have included it because of its unusual subject matter.)

Libby came to me at 40 years old with severe rheumatoid arthritis, which she’d had since childhood. There was no family history of the disease in her family and she said she had a great childhood until the disease hit. Over the years she became severely disabled. She had been to just about every doctor, specialist and natural therapist that she could. She had even been to tarot readers and a hypnotherapist – all to no avail.

The closest she had been to any help was when the tarot reader told her that her problem was rooted in a past life issue, but she didn’t know what that was. The hynotherapist could only work with her through this life time to see if anything may have been suppressed that she didn’t remember. He suggested past life regression, but at the time she didn’t want to believe this so left it at that. Years later, she came across some fascinating writings on past life regression work and decided to give it a try.

Around the same time I had just started using regression work. Libby heard about my work and visited me. I was very interested in what might ‘come up’. Fortunately, because Libby was familiar with hypnosis, she quickly responded to the prompts I gave her to regress back in time to a past life that may have been able to connect to her illness.

The story was quite fascinating. Libby found herself in medieval times where she was being punished by a man (who was being forced by another man) to chain her hands, feet and neck together, which were then pulled tight. She was then locked in a cell like this for years pleading to be released. The man who chained her came to her cell when he could to beg for her forgiveness. He told her he didn’t want to do what he did, but was forced to. Libby said she could feel her mothers’ energy about this man and could not forgive the man for what he had done.

Libby also said she could not forgive her (current) mother. She never knew why she resented her mother so much and told me that she always gave her mother a hard time, even though her mother did so much to make her comfortable with what she was enduring. It was as if she was punishing her mother for what had happened in her past life. Her mother couldn’t understand why her daughter was so angry and bitter towards her. All she had ever done was try to help her.

We talked at length about how Libby could understand that this was out of her mother’s control. However Libby resisted doing this and decided that even if it meant her remaining in pain for the rest of her life, she could still never understand how her mother could do this to her. Essentially she came to me because she only wanted to understand why she was like she was.

This was a most unusual case. I was unable to help her to heal, because she did not want to be healed…at least not in this life time.  There are times when understanding the patterns behind illness can allow a person to release the emotional connection to what has happened and if they cannot heal the damage to the body now, they can at least not carry that pattern to the next lifetime.

These days I don’t use hypnosis, but prefer a more gentle approach, which is to connect to my own inner truth about the situation. When connected to the inner self you are actually connected to universal consciousness and can access the information needed as needed. Some call this clairsentience or clairvoyance, depending on if you feel clearly or see clearly.

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One thought on “Past-life link to Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. K. Arielle

    This is sooo interesting…. None of this kind of thing is exactly new for me at all, but there has been a recent resurgence of interest. My search for “arthritis and reincarnation” led me here first. I’ve been dealing with severe rheumatoid arthritis for nearly two decades since my early early teens and am super ready to go ahead and dive in to how it can be healed at the very most fundamental level.

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