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True healing comes from looking beyond the physical

To introduce the case studies, perhaps it’s appropriate that I provide an insight into my background, philosophy about health and the way I work with clients to help them move ahead. It has been a remarkable journey and one that continues to become more exciting as time goes on as my knowledge, experience and understanding grows.

As a kid from around 9 to 11 years old I had a special area in my dad’s garage with a bench and lots of shelves that became my ‘laboratory’. There I used to keeps sticks, leaves, insects and special potions in jars for my ‘experiments’. When I was 12 I remember being asked by a teacher what I wanted to do in life and my reply was to ‘find a cure for cancer’. In high school, science and home economics were my favourite subjects.

After leaving school I travelled and tried different jobs before working as a lab technician. I then moved into forensic science, followed by pathology and laboratory research. Following a miscarriage in 1985 I was referred to ‘something I had never heard of before’ – a naturopath.

This was a revelation to me. I had discovered my true calling – to become a healer. I became immersed in studies for 4 years, which was just the start. I was a sponge, soaking up as much information about health as possible from lectures, books and seminars (which I continue to do today). After working for other naturopaths, I opened my own clinic in 1993. As the clinic ‘evolved’, detoxification and colon hydrotherapy became a major part of the business back then.

Over a period of time I noticed that many of my clients experienced remarkable results with their health, while others made little progress or improvement. I asked myself why this was so. The result has been a fascinating exploration that has taken me ‘behind the scenes’ into the relatively unknown areas that link the extraordinary influences that our minds, emotions and energy systems have on our health and well-being.

Although clients normally see me about a physical ailment or imbalance, I like to look ‘behind’ the problem. Generally there is a cause for everything. Things just don’t go wrong without a reason. On one level I may consider lifestyle habits that may have contributed to their problem, such as inappropriate diet or stress. However, I like to look deeper and see what emotional imbalance may be causing the problem. For example, they may have chosen to eat the wrong foods to ‘feed’ certain emotional needs. Perhaps they ‘attract’ particular types of people into their lives who have a negative influence or, they may keep repeating self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

When I treat clients on purely a physical level, invariably the condition returns because they re-create the same scenario that manifested the problem in the first place.

Clients often tell me they know what they should be eating or doing in their life, but they don’t do it. They need someone else to tell them. This can work for a while, particularly if they have a motivating factor such as a serious illness, or see their blood live on a screen and what a mess it is. The worse people feel, the higher their motivation. But once the pain or problem subsides, the sense of urgency disappears and people often revert to their comfort zone and are happy with that.

However, if people are genuinely ready to completely heal, it requires working on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

I believe that the body is our sub-conscious mind and it talks to us via signs and symptoms (symbols). Minor imbalances are symbolic of an imbalance in its early stages. When we don’t listen to these symbols, our body (sub-conscious mind) will think ‘hmmm, not listening, so now let’s get serious and manifest a symptom’. Then if the symptom is not addressed, it may turn into a diseased state. The body is our marker of our truth.

So when I see a client with a set of symptoms, initially I will address the physical. Then (when I know someone is open to listening to what their body is trying to tell them) I share my interpretation of what this could mean on an emotional level. These will often be simply key words and not necessarily an accurate diagnosis. Amazingly the process often unearths an emotional aspect that relates to the individuals physical symptoms.

Once we have made an emotional connection, then what? Well of course everyone is different. Some may tell me that they have already worked on the emotional issue. But if the problem is still present, then obviously it is not resolved and we look at ways to help them clear the emotional aspect.

My journey then took me into an arena where I tended to focus on the mind-body connection. Along the way I have also had personal emotional issues to deal with in my life and my own search for personal happiness and satisfaction has been a fascinating and fulfilling process.

The case studies on this website will demonstrate the work that I have been doing in this area. I hope you find them interesting and worthwhile.

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