Bloating and Fatigue

Sarah a yoga teacher who did all the right things for her health, still felt terribly fatigued and often bloated. She requested a live blood screening to see what could be causing her symptoms. We found she had parasites, which we treated with anti-parasitic herbs. She returned a month later still feeling fatigued. The parasites had left her body, so why was she still feeling this way?

Not seeing anything physically wrong with her I spoke to her about the emotional side relating to parasites. I explained to her that we manifest physical imbalances as a way our sub-conscious (body) can talk to us to give us clues about our emotional wellbeing. I asked her if she could relate to any situations in her life that felt like they were draining her of energy (rather like the parasites). She knew exactly what I was saying and told me about her relationship with her husband and his business partner. She felt that the business partner was having a controlling influence on the way her husband treated her. However she didn’t want to speak up to him because her husband’s business partner was a long standing mate, and Sarah felt that if she raised the issue, it may create other problems.

Clearly a communication problem was draining her energy. She had ‘let it be’ to keep the peace. But once she realised that it was having an effect on her health, she brought them together, aired her concerns and the problem was easily solved. Consequently her energy and vitality retuned immediately.

This was relatively easy to resolve. However some people continue to get re-infested with parasites and parasitic people. They are still learning to ‘stand in their own power’ (as I call it) and speak their truth. Many people find it difficult to feel worthwhile about themselves and be open and honest within their relationships about how they feel. Others are simply not ready to realise that something emotional could be having an adverse effect on their life.

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